Amish Tripathi- who changed my perception on Indian mythology….

There is no doubt that all the Indians know epic tales of the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. Of course! Those epics are the in the blood of every Indian! But now why about mythology because I have recently read the book named “Sita — the warrior of Mithila” by Amish Tripathi.

Every Indian imagines Sita to be a naive woman who abides her husband decision, which is obvious because of the movies. I don’t know how strong Sita was in real life but the character portrayal in movies or plays is a tolerant one.

Whereas in Amish world, Sita is not naive or dependant or always crying type but a strong woman who takes up the responsibility of Mithila as a Prime minister and rules over the kingdom while her father was immersed in philosophical world.

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As the cover page of the book shows, she has a able built body achieved by the training she has recieved at the gurukul. She is also shown as an expert with stick fighting. And the real Ramayan says that Lord Ram is the incarnation of Great Vishnu but in this fiction based novel Sita was also considered to be the Vishnu.

As far, only two have been released “The scion of Ikshvaku” which talks about the story of Ram and now the latest is “Sita– the warrior of Mithila”. Still there are three more books to complete the Ramayan series.

There were controversies that some people are exploiting the sacred Ramayan and Mahabharat with their fiction work. But this fiction work is really fascinating . I have never been interested in temples or the tradition. But after reading the first book “The immortals of Meluha” of shiva trilogy, I was eager to know about Lord Shiva and the Kailash mountain. Even after reading the first book in the Ramayan series, Iwas determined to learn the original Ramayan in sanskrit.

If you ask any one of our generation about Ramayan, we may say as “Ravan, the bad guy, kidnapped the wife of Ram and eventually ravan was killed by Ram for his sins”. But I came know it’s just not a tale but itself is a life. Every character has something to say which we can mirror them with our own lives. Each time we read it, we see it in a way as we have never done before and maybe that’s the reason we never get bored with them.

This interest about our Indian mythology sprouted in me only after reading Amish, I should say. He is trying to breathe life into machines like our generation.

Just grab his book and read, you will definitely want to revisit our sanskrit written Ramayan!!




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