A dash of reality……

Another day filled with boring classes ,but now my situation is somewhat better. Guess what !! I managed to grab a seat beside a window overlooking our beautiful park(our college is more like a recreation park,thanks to that) and that too from fourth floor. Whenever I stole a glace through window , I just feel like life is right out there.

Textbook theories are not really reaching my mind and found myself thinking about the old man I saw in  the bus stop early this morning.

As usual I arrived at the stop and waited for the bus .My bag was a bit heavy and I started cursing under my breath for the delay.And then I saw this man on the other side of the road. He is not too old but he might have grandchildren. Probably , he was there for a morning stroll and he will cross the road to our side, I thought.

But then he was just standing there and watching the vehicles go by , looking at people all around. This man ,with his hands back, seemed like just watching everything that’s happening around him. I watched him intently, but there were no emotions. I wanted to make up some theory about him but I am clueless.

I was trying read him pretty hard when our bus dashed on the road, standing between us. And like lightening, the theory struck me.

He represented me and also you  and us toatally He seemed to represent the one who wakes up from a dream and conforming the presence of reality. Just like me . Just like you.

We often live in our own dream world , fantasizing , never wanting to face reality , just as it is , raw and naked.

We all are busy making a beautiful dish not knowing that a dash of reality would make it even more perfect

Well, what I want to say is just keep a check on reality too and let’s not just get lost in our tangled worlds…
via Daily Prompt: Dash




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