Words by River…….

Going on in my own pace,to doors of destination

I was still and calm, like I never existed.

Then they blocked my free flow

my desire , my dreams, halted

filling me with despair!!!

Then came ,drops of confidence  from “the blue brother”

restoring lost hope , reviving broken dreams.

Drops of hanker, dived deep and shook my soul

turning me blue to brown, my real colours!

Fueled by desire , I was overflowing

splashing through rocks and crossing barriers

I am heading towards horizon, my destination.

And nothing can stop me!!!

P.S: We may suffer, cry , fall apart and everything seems to come to end, but , wait !!

Don’t lose hope. Miracles happen, if they don’t , make them happen!!


Two months!!!!since I posted anything . I know, it’s a long time , very long time and yes, I was chained with exams, practicals, records and what not… Now, finally, I am here typing “words by river”(hope it’s understandable!!)

Even though I am inactive I have been checking posts by fellow bloggers and they never fail to amaze me!! And I am back!!!

have a great day!!

Love ,



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