3 day quote challenge- day 1

I would like to thank fluffysteps for nominating me to this “3 day quote challenge”. check out https://fluffysteps.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/3-day-quote-challenge-day-1/          for amazing blog posts!!


Well , let’s start with a quote that suits me more in this situation. Here it goes….


Image result for best quotes about positive attitude

Probably because the circumstances are going quite bad . I have done pretty a hard work for my exams and I get pretty shocking results too. In  a place where marks would be sole criteria , the situation is really bad! Now , it’s my turn to deal with it. I had a little brainstorming session asking myself questions like “Is it important to get more  marks in a subject that I am not interested?” “If so ,  whom I am trying please , myself or the society?”

And finally , I am  contended with my answer. It’s ok , even if I don’t excel in what I don’t love. It’s natural , right? That’s completely normal. And I decided to brush away those thoughts and concentrate on what I love and try to excel in it.

Yes, I am a product of my decisions not circumstances.

Love , Likhitha….

16 thoughts on “3 day quote challenge- day 1

  1. Yay! Glad you’re taking on this quote challenge! Great quote. Don’t stress too much about school, especially subjects you’re not passionate about. I have never been interested in history and have always been terrible at the subject, but I’ve come to accept that. Everyone has their strengths & weaknesses. Just do your best!

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