passionate about what????

Daily Prompt: Passionate

I am tossing my pen , lazily. I am not interested at all to take down the notes . To be frank , I am not into any of the subjects I am learning save one subject (because of the person who makes the subject interesting). I always wonder how I got stuck into a world where, I believe, I don’t belong. I always have a strange feeling like I don’t belong to the field I am into.

I don’t know when this started nor the reason for it. But the thoughts kept coming back to me . Thoughts about my life, my passion , my dreams….. and wait , yes , my passion. So what’s my passion? what am I passionate about?

Well, I don’t know!!

I have been doing a lot of things like blogging, learning a new language and learning an instrument too , but they don’t satisfy me. I always feel empty. I always feel there is something out there which satisfies the hunger in me . Each time I start new improvements in my life I feel like” yeah , this is the one I am searching for” and as the time fades I find myself craving for more and more . As a result, my focus is scattered like light , everywhere and my success rate is not up to mark.

Right now , my college life sucks and I have this feeling of wasting my time attending lectures which are not at all useful to me. I am just very confused.

I am facing this  for past one year and I have no idea what is the anecdote for this kind of feeling of lacking passion. I know that there is something out there , waiting for me to achieve it and the worst part is I don’t know what it is. Sometimes , I feel I would go insane by thinking too much.


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I did share this with one of my friend about this and she said I’m overthinking and I should stop it. But , How could I ? Deep down my heart will not stop it.I just couldn’t ignore these thoughts . Seems like everyone is happy with their lives and there is me with these crazy thoughts.

All I wanted to do is to lie on my bed the complete day without doing anything. And I have this bad feeling deep down that something is wrong with me.

Did you ever had such feeling or I am the odd one out? Do you think it’s normal and I should ignore it? I need your suggestions.

Love, Likhitha

20 thoughts on “passionate about what????

      1. Well,now you need to ask what are these dreams…..because most of the dream and passion is society driven or in our age by entertainment quotient. …….and what is there to regret…….do you know who lived in your area 70 years ago……did he achieve anything……was he living a good life……anyone you found other than people on TV saying that they found their passion…..

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      2. of course , I have dreams and aims and I know I can achieve them. But at the end , I don’t feel anything. Coming to regrets, do you want to say that not everyone live their passion?


  1. I asked you this because it solves lot of questions. ……does doing anything in this world lead to anything……do you know why you feel good…..its all in the brain and its secretion of dopamine and complex chemical reactions……

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  2. Nice read likhita , a connecting read rather! Yes it happens at times when you feel a void within , feeling like doing nothing. Of course you are not odd man out. Patience pays, the insight to take things as it is leaving the outcome to HIM, surely helps. Like everything, this phase will also go away for better . Cheers !

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  3. Hmmm… Not an odd one out for sure…confusion is part of growing up so its ok… As far as passion is concerned if your ineterst is in too many things then prioritise which is more imp n makes u more happy…compare…n stick to it …School, college studies can get boring n not all are applicable in the real corporate world but when u get into the practicality you might find it more it was for me…not all make a career out of their passion… Some keep their passion as hobby n work only for financial independence… So take your time… Think what makes you happy, what kind of a person you are… Sometimes just by knowing what kind of person you are helps a lot in understanding your passion… Hope this helps 😊

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  4. You are definitely not alone. I felt the same way when I was in college and even after I graduated from college! It’s hard to know what we want to do in our 20s when all we’ve done our whole lives is basically just attend school. This is not unusual at all. I have several friends who feel the same way. Just keep doing what you have to do right now, and one day you will figure it out.

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