The beginning….TFBM- part- 6

Hello bloggers!! here comes the continuation of Left unspoken…….TFBM- part 5


It’s been few weeks after that encounter. I am still not able get out of the shock he gave me.But, every time we crossed our paths, he used to flash a lovely smile. Oh god , that’s enough to kill me, I thought. At that moment , I used to forget what happened , keep my ego aside , and gave a warm smile . After he left, I would get my conscious back and curse myself for going nuts behind him.

After few days we were into some small conversations. Every time he used to start as my ego wouldn’t let me do it. It gave me immense pleasure!! Whenever he speaks to me, I tune my ears only to his frequency and attenuate all others. Sometimes I wonder, why I am so obsessed with a guy who is not even ready to be friends with me.

There is a announcement made in college about “awareness to a village” program. It is conducted every year in college where a bunch of students go to a remote village which have no basic facilities like electricity, medication ……Our duty is to bring awareness in them so that they can at least enjoy few fruits of technology.

Rules were quite simple  : each student should pair with other and should work together for the cause. their contributions to the village will be acknowledged  and rewarded.

We were quite excited about it.

I was sitting on a bench watching people around , thinking about the tour , people around there , their mind sets…. New place , new people , new challenges , I am going to love that, I thought

“in a deep thought , huh??”

I was startled and he came to sit beside me.

He wore a white shirt and blue jeans with a ravishing smile on his lips. The prince charming ,I thought.

He noticed the smile on my face , He asked” What is that thought that’s making you smile”, with a mischievous smile.

I am afraid for a second that he may know what I am thinking.

“I am just thinking about the trip to village”

“oh yeah! I am just thinking how would that be if we both team up”

I didn’t expect this, “well, sure , that would be great”

“That will be then , see you soon partner”

He is walking away and I just couldn’t figure him out as a person.He is unimaginable, I thought. I hoped that I can know more of him , sooner   (to be continued)..

Hope you enjoyed!



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