Left unspoken…….TFBM- part 5

A big hello to every one out there. It’s been many days since I posted anything but don’t you  dare to forget me. I am taking an oath that I will blog at least thrice a week!!(that’s not bad, anyways). Your support is all what I need.

This is the continuation part of the story His eyes smiling……TFBM- part 4


“He actually said that?”  ,my friend was repeating the same question for the past ten minutes , the moment I told her our encounter on that evening at lake. “I wonder why not, he is the most handsome guy in the class and it’s obvious that “attitude” is what comes in between!!” my friend smirked.

I was still  confused by what he replied to the “friend” proposal and besides that my friend’s words were  stinging me.She was continuously babbling about something which I was not interested as my concentration was dragged back to that evening.


Everything was more beautiful than it ever was! Everything seemed so perfect the moment I saw his eyes smiling. I was sure that he would accept my friend request and we would be great friends until he spoke “I am not yet ready to accept your friendship”. 

He blasted every beautiful moment I was dreaming to pieces. I remembered that I was still holding my hand out  so I retrieved it back, I was quite embarrassed , to be frank.I was still in a great shock that even my thoughts stopped as if they were struck in a traffic . everything was just blocked !what he was saying were the only things that were getting into my brain. Maybe it just stopped all it’s functions only to hear him.

“Don’t take me wrong. I am a kind of person who doesn’t believe people so easily , even in making friends. My friends have a important part in my life and the door is not open to everyone! For that I have to know you in person. I have to make sure that you will be a faithful friend to me. Until then good bye”.


That was playing repeatedly in my mind and it’s getting on my nerves which gave life to thoughts lke

“what the heck!!he reacted as if I am asking him for a date !”

“who will have a selection process to make friends with a  person  and that too if a girl asks a boy?????!!”

“Is he showing attitude?!!!

These were the thoughts rushing in  and he left me in such a position that I dare not speak to him next time.(will be continued……)



hope it is interesting!!!

love ,


see you soon!!

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