His eyes smiling……TFBM- part 4


I was seated on sand admiring the magnificent lake with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. The water is pure and gleaming , soaked in sun.  Fabulous and serene, I thought. I always admire the beautiful creation of god , amazing us at every place. I always loved spending my evenings with nothing to do ,but  just drink the eternal beauty of nature.

But , today , there’s something more beautiful , lively and vibrant. Oh!! I could sense it again!! That same warm smile and look. I looked around to see him walking to me. I have been escaping since then(the day in bus), don’t know why , but I just couldn’t face him.And here comes the man himself!!That moment , a vague courage developed in me . A voice telling me that “this is the day. Speak your heart!”

He sat beside me smiling and I felt like the voice fading away like a leaf carried away by wind. He asked”Forgot me?? we spoke in bus that day” looking straight into my eyes


Forget you?!!!! Ah!! not that easy. Not at all.I always miss you.

And I said it aloud ! I was struck in horror, until he spoke.

“oh really!!!why so?”asked with a knowing smile.

Now I gathered up confidence told myself that, damn!!just say what you feel!!!

“Because I like  you ,  a lot. And this started the day I saw you at college two years back.!!!

I would have said it then itself , but I don’t know what stopped me those all days then and don’t know what’s not stopping me now

All I knew is that this time I have to spill the beans! I have been adoring you for past two years silently and never made an attempt to talk to you as I am contended just by seeing you

You might feel that I am silly, but I don’t mind . All I need is your friendship!”

I stretched out my hand and he was just looking at me with his eyes smiling!!!!

(to be continued…….)

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Hope you like it!!

loads of love,



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