My terror, my friend , my mom….

I love sundays. The only day where I could sleep as long as possible( only when my mom isn’t home!!!) . Anyways mom will always be at home, always at our service and my so called “sleeping sunday” will always be just a beautiful dream which is always disturbed by my mom.

Today is friendship day and sunday . Everyone have their own plans like meeting old buddies, plan for an outing…… and it was me on the other hand not letting my sleep go away from me. I could hear my mom shouting from kitchen trying to wake me up , but all I could imagine that it was happening in my dream.

But then I heard her footsteps . I could sense the anger , the fastness in her pace. Damn it!! I couldn’t escape her wrath today .I knew she is heading towards me , and I sat up on my bed, only to find that she came to take some old newspapers . By seeing me , my mom understood the situation and burst out laughing saying she is a terror for me!!

True that !!! I am much close to her like a friend, share everything with her and yet sometimes I am scared .

But she is my bestie giving me the best advices and supporting me all the way .Everyone have their besties, so who is Β your’s and what is that you fear from them.

Do comment. I would love to know your response.

And finally HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!(sorry for saying at the brink of the day, but it happens sometimes!!!!)

lots of love,



13 thoughts on “My terror, my friend , my mom….

  1. My mom is my Best friend, such a wise and profound statement it is !😊

    Loved your post god bless your friend ship.

    I am short of jealous with your friendship.

    Have great time here and now.

    All the very best !

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