The first and best moment- part 3


In response to the daily post I extended my fictuous story with the word “profound”. hope you like it…



I could see the beauty of nature look even more beautiful through the window of my seat. The rain just halted blurring the window with dew and viewing the nature from the dew covered window is what I love the most.

But today I just couldn’t enjoy the moment because the questions with which I was shot by him were making me restless.

few minutes before………….

We all boarded our college bus and there were not many people in there . So , I found a seat beside window so that I can capture the beauty of the forest. (our college is surrounded by a forest, home for a lot of monkeys!!!!)

I was completely lost in myself until I felt a “profound”  feeling that I was being watched.I quickly turned to see who it was and I was dumbfounded to see him . He was sitting diagonal to me on the other row,staring right into my eyes. He  gazed at me for a moment and advanced towards me. I was like “ab kiski pencil denewale hai?”(hahahahaa….)

All those funny thoughts vanished as he sat beside me.I never saw him this close to me and my heart was jumping with joy and I thought it would pop out!!!!

And it started raining as if there is no tomorrow and he asked

“do you know me?”

err yeah, you are my classmate, right?”(my heart beating profoundly..)

haha, so you stare at every one of your classmate?”(with a hint of smile)

n…no, I never stared at you!!”(heart beat picked up it’s speed like a sports car.)

I didn’t ask you about me!!”

n..noo, b….but“(wasn’t able find words)

“I know you were watching me, right from the first day of our college!”


yes, now don’t act like you don’t know anything. My only question is , why do you stare at me? . “

(I couldn’t help but simply stare at him)

I want to know the reason, Is there anything odd in me or you want to say something?”

(there were no words to speak , I am just shocked at what’s going on)

I want you to tell me by tomorrow about what is it, okay ?I am leaving, bye

He got off the bus.


And the rain  started attacking the earth again replaying the situation before me and my heart started to beat profoundly…….(to be continued……..)

hope you loved it.

my story so far….

THE FIRST AND BEST MOMENT .(just a part of a story…..)

The first and best moment- part-2



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