The first and best moment- part-2


I was lying on my bed, after a cool shower . I always prefer cool shower instead of hot , after a long day. I was staring at the ceiling recollecting the day . It’s really a long day. A soft smile got onto my lips as I visualised him.

It’s been a long time we were in the same class , but never met, never spoke a word.We both are of same kind . Neither he speaks to girls much nor I speak to boys. And I  used to think like we are never going to cross our paths . I guess even you guys think the same.

But today this happened , he came up to me.

I was standing outside the classroom to have fresh air and then he was there. the mere sight of him and that too , so close , made my heart dance, drenched with every emotion.

he looked up to me and stretched his hand out to me. I was still looking at his eyes and I thought that I would die with heart stroke.

As I saw his hand, I was like “what does this have to do?”

There’s a small pencil in his hand and he said”your friend forgot this in lab . please give it to her”

I was like “So this is the matter”.

I replied “Sure . I will”  and  he  is  gone.

When I am back to my senses, I realised how stupid and crazy and how “dramatic” I was.

That’s was my first encounter with him.

(to be continued……..)

hope you liked’s the link to my previous post

THE FIRST AND BEST MOMENT .(just a part of a story…..)

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