Facts about me………

Aaah!!! Finally took out some time to do my favourite thing . Of course! we all are MADE do the things that are not really exciting. Don’t know about yu guys but the above applies to me perfectly.

Well I would like to thank fab writings for ” one lovely blog “nomination.Even I assumed that you were a girl !!!hahaaaahaa!! checkout out HIS blog for his amazing posts


And finally coming to the main part of the poster below

And that’s my award!! hahahaha!!!

the seven facts about myself:

  1. As my name (hopefully) indicates I am a girl and I probably will be saying good bye to my teenage by march 12,2017.
  2. I live , love and die for novels!!! If started a novel then nothing stops me to complete it . Once I completed a novel by Chetan Bhagat in one night. Yes, and I took help of torch instead of my room lights so that I can escape the wrath of my parents. Such is the level of my craziness!! hahahaa…
  3. I love food and only vegetarian ha. I am not completely vegetarian as I prefer eggs and fish.(otherwise I would lack nutrition).
  4. I don’t frequently go to temples or I don’t pray much and whenever I does it’s just to thank god for this life becoz I believe we are here for a reason and instead of asking for what we want ,we have to go and get it for ourselves.
  5. I am not a party animal but occasionally i love parties.
  6. I have great passion for guitar and I own one. That helps me a lot for a peace of mind.
  7. I don’t have much closer friends . People think I am quite a headweight.But trust me I amnot good at making relations,but I am a good observer.!!!
  8. Anger is my greatest enemy . But now I am trying to befriend it and when people say I am a very calm person I feel like I have succeeded!!

That’s an extra fact about my self!!!

I wouldlike to nominate everyone who visits this post and interested to blog about it!



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