“The greatest good becomes the greatest evil”


I always wonder about the way we are living and going to live . Undoubtedly we are living in the best civilisation and technology. Every second ,Every minute, Every day we enjoy the technology we have and obviously reaching out for new ones.

The mankind journey began with nothing .There were no clothes , no medicines …what not !!!But we are here with everything . The dream of having a good life have come true.The technology had it’s way and had done pretty good to us

. The question is, the good which we are thinking is good ,is still  good?

The answer differs from each person . The question to the one who think it’s good indeed very useful in every  possible way is “Is it only doing good??”

The question to the one who think it’s bad indeed  in every  possible way is “Is it only doing bad??”

For us , bloggers, Internet is good. Technology is good. It’s because of that we are able to rediscover ourselves and see what others got .

As the coin has two sides even there emerges an evil where we saw good.

Technology also causes bad  . As a survey concluded that using Facebook almost daily causes mental stress . But we are never going to leave Facebook as it has platform for good also .



Early or late but the destruction happens . Sadly but true , nobody wants to stop it because we are too consumed by the good of it.


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