Let’s look at the word “darkness” in a different way. Darkness is not only when the night falls . It’s beautiful to someone , It’s scary to someone, It’s peaceful to someone . Different people have different feelings about darkness

I have seen people who are worried about dark complexion. They think that complexion plays a major role. Of course they can be motivated and convinced that complexion is not that important at all . All you need is to be intelligent and smart to rock in this world . But what if you are reminded about it again and again.

And that happens many times knowingly or unknowingly (FAIRNESS   CREAM     ADVERTISEMENTS). Don’t know why we Indians are so particular about complexion  ,I am not talking about all but majority have that thinking . Now we cannot change the mindset of people but we can change the way we receive it . So if you are humiliated about your complexion don’t feel bad about that , just be happy because you are dark by just skin but they are dark by heart dear Let them speak whatever they like and you go on with your dreams.


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