THE FIRST AND BEST MOMENT .(just a part of a story…..)

Wow!!!……!!!!…..   That’s what I felt the first time I saw him or probably the first time I noticed him.

Those were my first days in college after +2 then I saw him .He is tall, handsome and good looking guy. Of course , he can be a dream boy of every girl . That day we had a session on history and at the end of the class questions were shot by our mam  .  Fortunately (for me),

One of the questions aimed him. He is seated far behind my bench and I didn’t care to look back at him . The question was not answered for a long time and turned to look back who the guy was . Then came the moment,he was alone in his bench , standing , moving his eyes constantly around people , feeling embarrassed  and quite tensed. This is what other people had seen on that day. And there was me who felt something different at that moment. I felt maybe this is the guy  . For a moment I got connected to him, spiritually. I don’t know what dragged me towards him, but I was completely lost in him until the bell rang. It was indeed a magical moment.

It’s been two years from then,he is still in my class but never spoke a word to him . Maybe I don’t want to talk .Maybe I just want to watch him like that .(will continue……)


12 thoughts on “THE FIRST AND BEST MOMENT .(just a part of a story…..)

    1. Before I am unaware of that stuff regarding caps but I am not using all caps now, anyways thanks for your feedback!!! I’ll try my best to keep my story go on…..
      Thank you!!!!


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